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Lefkada is the only island I the Ionian Sea which is connected to the mainland through a floating bridge and free pass. A road, through the sea about 1.8km long, leads from the bridge to the town of lefkas.

On the right there is the lagoon, and the beautiful beaches of Agios Giannis and Gyra with its windmills.

Spasmeni Vrisi is situated 2km east of the town ,near the ancient Nirikos. Ancient Nirikos was founded by the ancient invaders the Doriis. The town was discovered where kalligoni is today in the area of Koulmos.

Nirikos was surrounded by walls, a small part of which can be seen today. In 625 b.c. the korinthians conquered the island and they opened the channel, connecting Lefkas island with mainland. It is one of the greatest achievements of the ancient world.

Our location makes it easy to visit any part of the island you want.In the east coast of Lefkada which is protected from the strong winds,the Akarnanika Mountains, the peaceful sea, the small private beaches, the small picturesque ports and the Prigiponisia make up a landscape of exceptional beauty.

There are many beautiful beaches in Lefkada, some of them world famous (Porto Katsiki, Egremni, Kathisma, Pefkoulia) which you can easily visit by car or boat.


ΑΜΑ 336450/787844
  26450 - 72029 (τηλέφωνο )
26450 - 71546
(τηλέφωνο οικίας-φαξ)
κινητό: 6972003250